5 Best Cervical Collar for Sleeping

As a man in my 50s, I’ve had my fair share of sleepless nights due to persistent neck pain and snoring issues. Over the years, these problems have not only affected my sleep quality but also my overall well-being. 

After trying various remedies with little success, I finally discovered the benefits of using a cervical collar for sleeping. This simple yet effective solution has significantly improved my sleep and reduced my neck discomfort. 

In this article, I will share my positive experiences and insights on the best cervical collars for sleeping, hoping to help others who are facing similar challenges.

Top Cervical Collars for Sleeping

1. CerviCorrect Neck Brace

The CerviCorrect Neck Brace is designed to provide optimal neck support and alignment while sleeping. It features an ergonomic “V” shape design that cradles the neck, limiting range of motion and reducing pressure on the cervical spine. The brace is made of high-quality, breathable materials for comfort during extended wear.


  • Promotes proper neck alignment and stability
  • Relieves neck fatigue, vertigo, and aids recovery from injuries
  • Adjustable sizing with Velcro straps for a customized fit
  • Breathable ice silk fabric keeps you comfortable and dry
  • Removable fabric cover for easy cleaning


  • May be too stiff or rigid for some users
  • Limited color options
  • Some users may find it uncomfortable despite the cushioning

2. BLABOK Neck Brace

The BLABOK Neck Brace is a soft foam cervical collar designed for comfortable sleep and neck pain relief. It features a contoured shape that aligns with the natural curve of the neck, providing support and stability. The brace is made of breathable materials and has a removable, washable sleeve.


  • Ergonomic design cradles the neck for optimal support
  • Relieves neck pain and pressure on the cervical spine
  • Removable, washable sleeve for easy cleaning
  • Breathable materials keep you cool and dry
  • Adjustable Velcro straps for a customized fit


  • May catch hair on the Velcro while sleeping
  • Limited color options
  • Some users may find it too firm or uncomfortable

3. FUTURO™ Cervical Collar

The FUTURO™ Cervical Collar is crafted from plush foam and designed to provide essential support and comfort. It features adjustable straps for both height and circumference, allowing for a customized fit. The collar is covered with a soft knit material that enhances comfort and breathability, making it suitable for extended wear.


  • Adjustable height and circumference for a personalized fit
  • Soft, breathable foam covered with smooth knit material
  • Provides firm support while maintaining comfort
  • Easy to clean with hand-washing instructions
  • Suitable for various neck conditions and injuries


  • Not machine washable
  • May not provide enough support for severe neck injuries
  • Some users may find it too soft for their needs

4. Velpeau Neck Brace

The Velpeau Neck Brace is a foam cervical collar designed to provide soft neck support and relieve pain and pressure in the spine after whiplash or injury. It wraps around the neck to align and stabilize the vertebrae, making it suitable for sleeping and daily use. The collar is available in various sizes and colors, ensuring a comfortable fit for different users.


  • Soft foam material provides gentle support and comfort
  • Helps relieve pain and pressure in the cervical spine
  • Aligns and stabilizes vertebrae, promoting proper posture
  • Available in multiple sizes and colors for a customized fit
  • Lightweight and breathable, suitable for extended wear


  • May not provide enough support for severe neck injuries
  • Some users may find it too soft for their needs
  • Limited adjustability compared to other collars

5. Nuvomed Heated Neck Wrap

The Nuvomed Heated Neck Wrap is a therapeutic device designed to provide soothing heat and support to the neck and shoulder area. It features a 360-degree wrap-around design that contours to the shape of the neck, providing even heat distribution. The wrap is powered by a USB connection, allowing for adjustable heat settings and convenient use.


  • Provides soothing heat therapy for neck and shoulder pain relief
  • 360-degree wrap-around design for full coverage and support
  • Adjustable heat settings (4 levels) for customized comfort
  • USB powered for easy use and portability
  • Helps improve blood circulation and relax muscles


  • Some users find it too small or tight for their neck size
  • Heat distribution may be uneven for some users
  • Limited color options
  • Requires a power source (USB) for operation


1. What is a cervical collar and why is it used?

A cervical collar, also known as a neck brace or C-collar, is a medical device used to support and protect the neck and spinal cord. It limits the movement of the neck and head, which can help in the recovery from injuries, surgeries, or chronic neck pain. Cervical collars are typically used for short-term relief and stabilization.

2. What are the different types of cervical collars?

There are several types of cervical collars, including:

  • Soft Collars: Made from foam rubber or polyethylene, these collars allow some range of movement and are used for mild neck pain, whiplash, or neck sprains.
  • Rigid Collars: Made from a plastic shell over a foam or vinyl core, these collars restrict almost all neck movement and are used after severe trauma or surgery.
  • Sport Collars: Specialized rigid collars used by athletes to prevent neck injuries during high-impact activities.

3. How do I choose the right cervical collar for sleeping?

Choosing the right cervical collar depends on the severity of your neck condition and your comfort needs. Soft collars are generally more comfortable for sleeping and provide mild support, while rigid collars offer more stability but may be less comfortable. It’s important to consult with a healthcare provider to determine the best type for your specific condition.

4. How can I make a cervical collar more comfortable for sleeping?

To make a cervical collar more comfortable for sleeping:

  • Ensure the collar fits snugly but comfortably.
  • Use a supportive mattress and a thin pillow to keep your neck in a neutral position.
  • Avoid sleeping in a twisted position and try to keep your neck aligned with your body.
  • Consider wearing a soft scarf under the collar to prevent skin irritation.

5. Can I wear a cervical collar all night?

Yes, you can wear a cervical collar all night if recommended by your healthcare provider. However, it’s important to follow specific instructions regarding its use to avoid potential side effects such as muscle 

stiffness or skin irritation. Make sure the collar is properly fitted and take breaks as advised by your doctor.

6. What are the potential side effects of wearing a cervical collar?

Potential side effects of wearing a cervical collar include:

  • Muscle stiffness and weakness due to prolonged immobilization
  • Skin irritation or pressure sores from improper fitting
  • Psychological dependence on the collar for pain relief
  • Breathing obstruction or increased brain pressure in cases of traumatic injury.

7. How do I care for my cervical collar?

To care for your cervical collar:

  • Keep it clean by following the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.
  • Ensure your skin is dry before putting on the collar to prevent irritation.
  • Regularly check for signs of wear and tear and replace the collar if necessary.
  • Follow your healthcare provider’s instructions on when and how to wear the collar.

8. When should I avoid using a cervical collar?

You should avoid using a cervical collar for extended periods unless specifically advised by your healthcare provider. Overuse can lead to muscle deterioration and reduced effectiveness. It’s also important to avoid using a collar if it causes significant discomfort or if you experience any adverse effects.

9. How do I measure for a cervical collar?

To measure for a cervical collar:

  • Measure the height from the base of your shoulder to your chin.
  • Measure the circumference of your neck just below the Adam’s apple.
  • Choose a collar that fits these measurements snugly but comfortably.

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