Business Energy Consultant vs. Energy Broker: Key Differences

What does a business energy consultant do?

A business energy consultant is a professional who is responsible for the management of energy in a business organization by conducting audits, data analysis, and the provision of efficient solutions. They provide compliance with legal requirements and contribute to the development of effective long-term energy policies.

Conducting Energy Audits

One of the most important preliminary actions for your business’s energy use is the energy audit. Energy consultants do these audits to look for gaps and discover which areas are the most expensive when it comes to energy consumption. It may be difficult to identify the specific areas that need improvement when the problem is not elaborately audited.

Analyzing Data

Energy consultants are involved in a detailed analysis of usage data to identify patterns and review energy efficiency. This process includes examining prior energy bills and using energy management software to identify possible areas for enhancement.

Identifying Improvement Opportunities

Consultants focus on finding ways to ỉmpove your operations after analyzing your energy usage. This could include the integration of renewable energy systems, technology upgrades, identifying means of decreasing running costs, or identifying methods to decrease your carbon impact.

Recommending Energy-Efficient Solutions

Experts offer different ideas on how to improve your company’s energy productivity. Recommendations can be simple changes like changing to energy-efficient bulbs and making sure that equipment is switched off when not in use to major changes like changing old boiler systems or installing solar power.

Supporting Implementation

Energy consultants will give advice and also help carry out change recommendations. They can arrange for the right specialists to complete the work properly and ensure your business complies with energy-related requirements.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

It is challenging to determine various rules, policies, and procedures for energy consumption. Energy consultants make sure that whatever adjustments are made to your processes and systems are legal, thus eliminating this as a concern.

Planning for the Future

Energy consultants always seek long-term strategies to enhance the efficiency of the energy systems that are deployed. This encompasses implementing new technologies that would be sustainable in the long run such as renewable energy systems and purchasing energy from sustainable suppliers.

What is the difference between an energy broker and a consultant?

You may come across some terms such as community solar, carbon footprints, and solar incentives. Herein, the roles of “energy broker” and “energy consultant” are two that are easily mistaken for one another. Both are useful to energy providers and consumers as they assist in understanding the structure of the energy market. The following is how energy brokers and consultants function in the context of the renewable energy industry.

What is an Energy Consultant?

An Energy Consultant provides businesses with expert advice on reducing their energy consumption. Energy consultants offer their clients advice on how to cut their energy use and save money. They study the energy consumption pattern of a company and suggest ways to save energy and reduce expenses. While energy brokers can also provide consultation, smaller businesses do not require a specific energy consultant.

What is an Energy Broker?

An energy broker is a person who helps facilitate the sale of energy between a producer and a consumer. Similar to real estate agents, they explain the options of different energy suppliers and their benefits and drawbacks. However, unlike a basic price comparison website, energy brokers are also involved in negotiating contracts and getting the best rates for the client.

What Does an Energy Broker Do?

Energy brokers look for and provide energy prices, mediate between buyers and sellers, and discuss the conditions of the contract. They strive to achieve the lowest possible prices and the most favorable conditions for the clients, thus encouraging competition among sellers and possibly reducing prices. Brokers have profound knowledge of energy options and the market. Therefore, they help businesses avoid spending time on energy-related issues and leave their core activities to professionals.

Why do you need business energy consultants?

An energy consultancy is a company that helps other companies cut their energy use, costs, and emissions. Energy consultants therefore assist in the management of energy so that people and companies can save as much as possible and at the same time reduce the impacts they have on the environment. Here are some compelling reasons to consider an energy consultancy:

Cost Savings

Energy consultants are professionals who can scrutinize your organization’s activities, processes, and structures to determine where and how energy can be conserved. They can conduct extensive energy audits which help them identify areas where energy can be saved. Therefore, the energy bills are considerably reduced. This can be particularly beneficial to firms operating under thin profit margins.


It is equally daunting for firms to cope with the dynamic nature of energy regulations and standards. Energy consultants assist in compliance with regulations like ISO50001, ESOS, and SECR to avoid fines and penalties and demonstrate the organization’s environmental responsibility.


Apart from cost reduction and compliance, energy consultants can help improve your company’s sustainability standing. They have the potential to point out areas where there is a possibility of using renewable energy sources. Therefore, you can show society that you are environmentally conscious thus enhancing your reputation as a socially responsible business.


Energy consultancy services offer a team of professionals who are well-equipped with adequate knowledge and experience in energy management, efficiency, and sustainability. This expertise is important in ensuring that the right energy-saving measures have been identified and implemented according to your needs and specifications.

Continuous Improvement & Support

The services provided by an energy consultancy firm do not end with the energy audit or efficiency project. They provide ongoing assistance and advice to ensure that you are consistently enhancing your energy utilization procedures and learning new approaches to attain energy efficiency.

An energy consultancy is beneficial in many ways, such as cutting costs, being legal, environmentally friendly, knowledgeable, and improvement-oriented. By collaborating with an energy consultancy firm, you can manage energy consumption, reduce expenditure, and address the matter of environmental conservation.

What to expect when working with an energy consultant?

Many factors need to be considered to guarantee the proper functioning of a business, and energy is present in every business, regardless of its type. Energy costs may be among the main costs and energy wastage may be prevalent to unnecessary spending. Engaging the services of a commercial energy consultant can assist you to cut energy costs enabling you to channel the money back to your core business.

What Does an Energy Consultant Do?

The energy sector is constantly evolving, with the growth of renewables driving demand for energy consultants. These professionals assess your company’s energy resources and help make informed decisions regarding energy needs. As a business owner, managing rising operational costs is crucial. Energy consultants or brokers can assist in purchasing energy from competitive markets and developing customized procurement strategies to save money.

What to Expect When Working With an Energy Consultant

The energy sector is dynamic, mainly due to the increasing focus on renewable energy sources, increasing the need for energy consultants. These professionals evaluate the energy supplies and guide the firm on the appropriate energy demands. Containing increasing operating expenses is vital. Consultants or brokers can help to buy energy from competitive markets and establish individual power procurement plans to spend less.

Benefits of Energy Consultants

  1. Bill Auditing: Energy consultants check bills for errors that may be inaccurate in the business money and are responsible for checking all charges.
  2. Energy Choices: They request pricing from multiple suppliers, fostering a competitive process that results in the best prices and optimal contract structures.
  3. Energy Efficiency Projects: They find out the possibilities of cutting down on energy usage in various aspects, therefore minimizing the total usage.
  4. Optimizing Contract Structures: In cases where consultants have identified FACs with renewable energy technologies such as Solar PV or CHP, they check for the best energy procurement contracts.

How to find the right energy consultant for your small business?

When managing a business, making decisions is a crucial part of the role. Some decisions are minor, while others can significantly influence your business’s trajectory.

Energy consultancy services offer a team of professionals who are well-equipped with adequate knowledge and experience in energy management, efficiency, and sustainability. This expertise is important in ensuring that the right energy-saving measures have been identified and implemented per your needs and specifications.

Therefore, it’s essential to have a trusted advisor to provide sound guidance, especially for critical choices like selecting a reputable energy consultant for your business.

What to look for in a business energy consultant?

Industry Experience

The best way to ensure you get the right consultant is to work with someone who has specialized in your business’s industry. There is often a division of consultants according to the industry they cover. Regardless of the field of your facility, business, industry, government, or education, using the services of a consultant who has the right experience can prove very advantageous. They should have adequate knowledge of energy management and this includes efficiency, procurement, and generation.

Transparency and Reporting

One of the typical questions is “How are energy consultants paid?”. This should be explained to you before you sign any contract or fee. After the contract has been signed, the consultant should offer monthly or weekly reports of the energy usage and an estimate of the energy usage. These reports may point to causes for such deviations, including alterations in operating timetables, weather, or acquisition of new equipment using power.

Whenever you are in a position where you feel that it is time to cut down your business costs, do not limit yourself. Energy consultants can help opt for the lowest utility tariffs cheaper than permanently employing an energy manager. If you have any questions regarding our services or want to know how we could help you save, please click the link below to set up a call with our energy procurement specialists.

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