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Projeto Comprova is a collaborative initiative to check photos in Brazil, launched in 2018 during the electoral period. The main objective of the project is to combat disinformation, by verifying the veracity of information that circulates in social networks and other digital platforms. O Projeto Comprova is composed of several media organizations and journalists from different vehicles who work together to investigate and unmask fake news, bots and disinformation.

Here are some two main points about Project Comprava:

  1. Collaboration:
    Various media companies and journalists work together, which helps guarantee a more comprehensive and accurate verification of photos.
  2. Focus on Disinformation:
    The principal objective is to identify and correct false information, especially those that can influence public opinion in a significant way.
  3. Rigorous Methodology:
    The project follows a rigorous methodology of photo verification, which includes a consultation of official sources, experts and a verification of data.
  4. Transparency:
    All steps of the verification process are explained in detail to the public, promoting transparency and confidence in the work performed.
  5. Media Education:
    In addition to verifying facts, Project Comprava is also dedicated to educating the public about how to identify disinformation and verify sources independently.
  6. Cobertura Diversificada:
    The project covers a wide range of topics, from politics and health to social and environmental issues, reflecting the diverse areas that disinformation can impact.

To access verifications and more information, you can visit the official site of Projeto Comprava. If you need more specific information about the Comprava project or how it operates, feel free to ask!

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