How To Prepare A House To Sell Fast?

We give you some keys to prepare your house for sale, follow these tips and make your future buyers fall in love with you! Selling a house without paying any commission is possible, with Burnett Home Buyers, we leave everything in writing.

Keys To Prepare Your House For Sale

Tips to make future buyers fall in love with your house

1. Repaint the walls

And remember neutral colors! It’s very simple, the house will look newer and more cared for and will invite buyers to feel more comfortable.

2. Leave your house in perfect condition

The table that limps, the tap that leaks, the cushion cover that has a snag or the closet door that squeaks… Yes, you’ve already gotten used to it, but in the eyes of the public they generate a very bad image. The advantage is that small defects can be easily solved, so… Let’s get to work!

3. Clean like there is no tomorrow

Yes, if you want to prepare your house for sale, all surfaces must be spotless. Floor, carpets, bathroom, windows.

4. The decoration

Go for simple things that almost everyone likes. Obviously, you have to respect the decoration you already have in your home, but if you are considering buying something new, you know, make it discreet!

5. The beauty of simplicity.

For each space, you know better than anyone where you want to capture the attention of future buyers. For this reason, we recommend that you leave only the most necessary furniture visible, so visitors can get a better idea of ​​the spaces, measurements and possibilities of each room.

6. Order level 1

Needless to say, the kitchen should be without dishes in the dishwasher, the living room without things on the table and the bedroom without clothes on the chair, right?

7. Order level 2

Try to take care of the small details, because they are what make the difference. For example: it is not the same that when you get to the bedroom you show them the closet from the outside, than that you open it so they can see how many clothes it holds, the drawers and shelves it has, etc. Or for example, we all brush our teeth, but visitors don’t need to know what toothpaste you use or whether the toothbrush is electric or manual… Let’s explain ourselves, right?

8. Order level 3

If you want them to feel at home, make it easy for them. Try not to leave very personal items on display, such as family photos, your nephews’ crafts, etc.

9. Enter the house as if it were the first time you visited

Once it is set up with all the keys that we have provided you, we recommend that you look at it with new eyes. Try to do the route you will take when showing your house. Remember that we can do it for you, totally FREE.

After preparing your home for sale, the next step is to plan the showing. Make sure you have everything under control; it will be easier to convince buyers of what a good option your house is!

11. Natural light

Try to ensure that all rooms are well lit. Any space gains points if sunlight enters.

12. Plants, why not?

Allow yourself a natural touch in your home. In general, even more so if they are natural, they create a natural, cared for atmosphere with a good aroma.

13. Speaking of aromas, air again 30 minutes before the visit!

You cannot allow there to be odors in your house when you are going to present it to future buyers.

14. Offer fresh cookies or cakes!

It has been proven that the aroma of these sweets usually generates a familiar sensation, making them feel at home.

15. Close the bathroom door

Even if it is tidy, clean and smells good, it is always better if the door is closed.

16. You guide them

You are the one who knows the house best and therefore, you have to lead the visit. Emphasize the most notable aspects of each room and, ultimately, make visiting your home a complete experience.

17. Gather them in the living room

If after the visit you want to discuss a topic with them, meet them in the living room. It is, in general, the place where visitors will feel most comfortable.

18. Provide planes with surfaces

Without a doubt, a point in your favor that will make your decision-making much easier. Future buyers will have visited several houses in addition to yours, therefore, if you give them a plan with the layout of the rooms and the measurements, it will help them get the idea and, above all, remember your house!

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