Huusk Knife Review: Is It Legit?

As a chef who has battled with dull knives for years, I was intrigued when I first came across the Huusk knife. The sleek design and promises of razor-sharp performance caught my eye, and I decided to give it a try. Little did I know that this unique blade would become a game-changer in my kitchen.

From the moment I unboxed my Huusk knife, I was impressed by its distinctive appearance. The curved blade and finger hole gave it a modern, almost futuristic look that set it apart from my other kitchen tools. But as any chef knows, looks aren’t everything – it’s performance that truly matters.

I’m happy to report that the Huusk knife didn’t disappoint. Its sharpness was immediately apparent as I effortlessly sliced through vegetables and meats. The ergonomic design, with its comfortable oak handle and strategically placed finger hole, made long prep sessions a breeze. I found myself reaching for the Huusk more often than my other knives, appreciating its versatility and ease of use.

In this review, I’ll share my experience with the Huusk knife, exploring its features, usability, and overall value.

What is Huusk Knife?

The Huusk knife is a brand of handmade kitchen knives that have gained popularity for their sharpness, ergonomic design, and stylish appearance. These knives are marketed as versatile tools suitable for a variety of cutting tasks in the kitchen. They are inspired by traditional Japanese knife-making techniques, which are known for producing exceptionally sharp and durable blades.

Features of Huusk Knife

  1. Ergonomic Design: Huusk knives are designed to be easy to hold and use. The handle is made from high-quality oak wood, providing a comfortable grip. Additionally, the blade features a hole near the handle, which offers more room for the fingers and enhances control during cutting.
  2. Sharpness: The blades of Huusk knives are extremely sharp, crafted using techniques similar to those used in making samurai swords. This sharpness allows for precise and efficient cutting, making them suitable for a wide range of kitchen tasks.
  3. Safety: Despite their sharpness, Huusk knives are considered safe to use by experienced cooks. The sharp edge reduces the need for excessive force, which can help prevent accidents that are more common with dull knives.
  4. High-Quality Materials: Huusk knives are made from high-quality steel that is durable and resistant to rust. This ensures that the knives maintain their sharpness and integrity over time.
  5. Aesthetic Appeal: The design of Huusk knives is inspired by traditional Japanese aesthetics, giving them a timeless and elegant look that can enhance the appearance of any kitchen.
  6. Versatility: These knives are suitable for cutting meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and even bread and cheese. Their versatility makes them a valuable addition to any kitchen.

How to Use Huusk Knife

Using a Huusk knife effectively involves understanding its design and leveraging its features for optimal performance:

  1. Grip: Hold the knife by the handle, ensuring your fingers are comfortably placed. The hole in the blade can be used to position your index finger for better control.
  2. Cutting Technique: For efficient cutting, keep the blade on the cutting board and use a rocking motion. The 38-degree bend in the blade is designed to facilitate this motion, allowing for quick and precise cuts.
  3. Force Application: Avoid forcing the knife through food. Instead, let the sharp blade do the work. Adjust the pressure based on the type of food you are cutting. The knife’s design supports easy adjustment of force, ensuring clean cuts every time.
  4. Maintenance: To maintain the sharpness and longevity of the Huusk knife, clean it after each use and store it properly. Avoid using the knife on hard surfaces or cutting through bones, as this can damage the blade.

The Pros and Cons of Huusk Knife


  1. Unique design: The Huusk knife has a distinctive appearance with a curved blade and finger hole that some users find appealing.
  2. Comfortable grip: Some customers report that the knife feels comfortable to hold and use.
  3. Versatility: The knife is marketed as suitable for various kitchen tasks, from cutting meat to chopping vegetables.


  1. Overpriced: the knife is a bit overpriced for its actual quality.
  2. Customer service issues: Some customers report difficulties with refunds and unwanted marketing emails.

Is Huusk Knife Legit?

Yes, it’s legit. Many customers have reported positive experiences with the Huusk knife, praising its sharpness, design, and versatility. These users often highlight the knife’s ability to handle various kitchen tasks with ease and its comfortable grip.

However, it may be beneficial to compare the Huusk knife with other reputable brands to ensure it meets your specific needs and expectations.

Where to Buy Huusk Knife?

If you’re looking to buy a Huusk knife, the best place to do so is through the Huusk Knife’s official store. This is the only way to ensure you’re getting a genuine product. When you buy directly from the source, you can trust that you’re receiving the high-quality knife that Huusk is known for.

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