10 Best Songwriting Courses

Are you looking to take your songwriting skills to the next level? Whether you’re a beginner just starting out or an experienced songwriter wanting to refine your craft, online songwriting courses can provide valuable instruction, techniques, and inspiration to help you write better songs. 

With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right course. That’s why we’ve curated this list of the 10 best songwriting courses, covering a range of styles, skill levels, and approaches. 

From courses taught by Grammy-winning artists to comprehensive programs from top music schools, these online classes offer expert guidance to help you unlock your creative potential and write songs that resonate.

1. Lyrics Writing Course by Jacob Carter

Jacob Carter’s Lyrics Writing Course is a comprehensive online program designed to help aspiring lyricists and songwriters enhance their skills and creativity. Led by Jacob Carter, a seasoned lyricist with over 10 years of experience, the course consists of six modules covering topics such as finding inspiration, understanding lyrical structure and style, crafting impactful lyrics, and collaborating with others.

The course begins with foundational lessons on finding inspiration, encouraging students to explore various creative writing methods and discover their unique style. It then delves into lyrical structure and style, examining famous song lyrics and songwriters to understand rhyme patterns, traditional song structures, and how melodies are crafted. Practical exercises and real-life examples are used throughout to reinforce learning.

One of the standout features of this course is its focus on developing songwriting depth. Students learn to use literary tools such as imagery, metaphor, and characterization to create unforgettable and unique lyrics. 

The course also includes an analysis of influential lyrics, helping students understand how to convey messages effectively through words. You can read how Jacob Carter analyzes the lyrics meaning of hundreds of songs.

2. The Lyric Writer’s Workroom – Songcraft

This online platform offers a comprehensive approach to lyric writing. It provides songwriters with tools and resources to develop their craft, including lyric writing tips, techniques, and creative exercises. 

The Lyric Writer’s Workroom emphasizes practical application, encouraging writers to capture ideas, organize their thoughts, and refine their lyrics. With features like rhyming dictionaries and collaborative tools, it’s designed to support both beginners and experienced songwriters in honing their skills.

3. Songwriting Simplified: Music Theory, Melody & Creativity – Udemy

This Udemy course offers a structured approach to songwriting, covering music theory fundamentals, chord progressions, melody writing, and lyric composition. 

Designed for both beginners and intermediate songwriters, it promises to guide students through writing a complete song by the end of the course. The curriculum includes practical exercises, downloadable resources, and insider tips on creating catchy melodies and transposing songs.

4. How to Write Lyrics – The Song Foundry

The Song Foundry’s course focuses specifically on lyric writing techniques. Through video lessons and practical exercises, it covers essential topics like generating ideas, using literary devices, structuring lyrics, and creating memorable hooks. 

The course emphasizes the importance of natural-sounding lyrics and provides strategies for crafting words that sing well. It’s suitable for beginners and intermediate songwriters looking to improve their lyrical skills13.

5. Writing Song Lyrics: Create and Combine with Melody – City Lit

This online course from City Lit offers a practical approach to songwriting, focusing on both lyrics and melody. Over six weeks, students learn to generate original ideas, structure lyrics, and combine words with melodies. 

The course covers various genres and encourages collaboration among participants. It’s designed for beginners and intermediate songwriters who want to develop their skills in a supportive online environment.

6. Songwriting: Lyric Writing – Elevate with ICMP

Part of the Elevate online course series by ICMP, this lyric writing course delves deep into the craft of creating compelling lyrics. It covers a range of topics including rhyme schemes, literary devices, language techniques, and various writing strategies. 

The course is designed to help songwriters tell powerful and emotive stories through their lyrics. It’s suitable for both beginners and more experienced writers looking to refine their lyrical skills.

7. The Art of Songwriting – The Open University (FutureLearn)

This free 6-week online course introduces the fundamentals of songwriting. It covers topics like setting words to rhythm, creating effective melodies, using chord progressions, and structuring songs. 

The course features input from established musicians and songwriters, and encourages students to write their own song using provided lyrics. It’s suitable for complete beginners as well as more experienced songwriters looking to refine their skills.

8. Songwriting: Writing the Lyrics – Berklee Online (Coursera)

Taught by Pat Pattison from Berklee College of Music, this course focuses specifically on lyric writing techniques. It covers topics like generating ideas, using literary devices, structuring lyrics, and creating memorable hooks. 

The course emphasizes practical application, with assignments asking students to write and share lyrics for peer review. It’s designed for both beginners and intermediate songwriters looking to improve their lyrical skills.

9. Commercial Songwriting Techniques – Berklee Online

This course, authored by Andrea Stolpe, teaches a 10-step process for writing commercially viable songs while maintaining artistic integrity. It covers techniques like “destination writing” to create more descriptive lyrics, and focuses on streamlining the writing process. 

The course aims to help songwriters create memorable melodies and forge emotional connections with listeners. By the end, students will have written three complete songs.

10. Lyric Writing: Tools and Strategies – Berklee Online

Also authored by Pat Pattison, this course helps songwriters generate better lyrical ideas and express them more effectively. It covers techniques for brainstorming ideas, finding interesting words, creating rhythms with words, using rhyme effectively, and creating contrast between song sections. The course is designed to help both beginners and experienced writers develop their lyrical skills.

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