5 Major Benefits of SEO Agency for SaaS Companies

Finding the right SEO agency for SaaS companies is never an easy task. There are so many firms out there, each claiming that it’s best in business. So, when deciding who to choose as your next provider, make sure to take your time and analyze the entire market before pulling the trigger.

Most importantly, we suggest you learn more about the process of optimization. A handful of shady brands will take advantage of your naivety, so you need to understand what you’re paying for. We also recommend you create a well-defined agreement that will guide both sides during the project.  

In this article, we’ll cover the 5 major benefits of working with SEO agencies for SaaS. But before that, let’s explain why search engine optimization is so important for your software brand.

Why Do I Need SEO?

When forming their initial marketing strategy, many software brands go with social media marketing or paid ads as their focal tactic. In many cases, they choose these tactics because they understand better how they work and what to expect. Software entrepreneurs might also be a bit skeptical about viability of SEO for their business.

Whatever the case might be, search engine optimization is one of the best, if not the best, promotional tactics for SaaS companies. Not only does this approach generate a boatload of highly qualified leads, but it can also boost brand awareness tenfold. As such, it is a perfect solution for anyone who wants to build an online presence slowly over several years.

The secret sauce behind SEO is the lack of intrusiveness. People stumble upon your brand naturally, as they’re looking for various results in Google and other search engines. As they don’t feel pressured, they’re more likely to purchase from your company.

It also helps when you’re positioned at the top of search engine results pages or SERPs. Users commonly perceive first-placed results as trustworthy, with quality information. In other words, when they see your product on top of rankings, they instantly presume that it’s the best software within its respective vertical.

How Does SEO Work?

As mentioned, many people avoid SEO because they don’t understand the process. Truth be told, out of all the marketing tactics, SEO is probably the most difficult method to implement. Among other things, SEO presumes various technical tasks, content creation, and link building, which is a lot to take in if you’re clueless about marketing.

To have a better feel for the process, we’ve created a step-by-step explanation of how an average SEO expert performs this task:

  • When a new SEO agency for SaaS companies takes on a project, they start by analyzing the website, which is referred to as an SEO audit. They will check the design, responsiveness, and speed and ensure that the site works well on all devices. After that, they analyze the content and whether it requires tweaking. The last step of the process is link profile analysis
  • The next step is analyzing the competition. Marketers will check their branding approach, the type of content they’re focusing on, and where they get most of their links. Expert SaaS SEO agencies will generally know who the main competitors are, so it’s vital that you partner up with these specialized firms
  • Marketing agencies should also find the target audience. By understanding the ideal customer persona, the provider can ensure that every message yields better results. Analyzing the target audience is especially important if you’re selling a niche software
  • After analytical tasks, the SEO agency will create a comprehensive strategy and share it with the SaaS brand. They will outline the required number of monthly articles as well as the topic to write about. The planning process also includes linking quantity and quality and other ancillary tasks that the agency has to perform
  • Given that SEO is a long-term process, your SEO partner will have to provide periodic reports. That way, you’ll stay in the loop with their progress and whether you need to upscale or downscale

If you never worked with an SEO agency, all of this might seem a bit over the top. Nevertheless, understanding every step of the process will give you more leverage when negotiating prices and will allow you to monitor the agency’s performance.

5 Benefits of SaaS SEO

SEO agency for SaaS companies can provide numerous benefits to your brand. Besides increasing your website traffic, they can also set the basis for boosting your reputation and other marketing processes.

1.     Highly-Converting Traffic

Unlike some other marketing tactics, SEO covers at a much higher rate. People who find and visit your website organically are more likely to turn into customers and recommend your brand to other people. This is because they weren’t forced to interact with your business and, instead, they’ve found it naturally while browsing for solutions to other issues.

2.     Increased Brand Awareness

SaaS SEO agencies can significantly improve your brand awareness. Reaching top spots in Google and other search engines will help prospects notice your brand, which will also affect your reputation. Website visits coming from search engines usually last longer, and users are more likely to remember interactions with your brand.

3.     Improved Website Performance

Search engine optimization is, first and foremost, a process that improves the performance of your site. Among other things, you will boast faster loading speed, higher mobile responsiveness, improved architecture, and more engaging content. SEO provides you with a great basis upon which you can build all your marketing efforts.

4.     Repurposable Content

The great thing about blog posts is that they’re rather lengthy. They break down specialized software topics, providing lots of valuable insights to users. These same posts can be used for other platforms, such as Meta and LinkedIn, to provide even more visibility to your business. In that sense, SEO can be a vehicle for growing other marketing channels.

5.     Long-Term Growth

The reason why SEO trumps other marketing tactics is because it focuses on long-term gains. The approach takes time to develop and bear fruits, but once the floodgates open, you’ll experience numerous benefits. Unlike PPC or some other tactics, you’ll continue reaping benefits long after you finish the initial campaign.

How to Recruit an SEO Agency?

Finding the right SaaS SEO agency can be a lot of work. Given the importance of this marketing process, you should take your time exploring different options and interviewing potential partners. That being said, here’s what the recruiting process commonly looks like:

  • Before you weigh different options, we recommend you learn more about search engine optimization. The process is extremely complex, which is why some agencies take advantage of their clients. To avoid any mishaps, you’ll have to learn SEO audit, keyword research, and link-building basics
  • Ideally, you should find a few good firms through direct recommendations. During an SEO campaign, you’ll give full control to a complete stranger, which is why you need to be certain that the agency won’t mess anything up
  • Alternatively, you can browse the web, read reviews, and interview several companies that look legit enough
  • Ask hard-hitting questions during the interview. You need to determine whether a company has a good, streamlined approach for optimizing your website. Ask about the general process, as well as specific tasks that a company performs
  • Ask the company for their track record. If they’re legit, they’ll probably have access to several Google Search Console accounts. But, on the other hand, they need to be careful how they present these results as they shouldn’t fully disclose past clients’ information
  • You should also learn more about the company’s software. Good SEO agencies utilize a dozen tools, several for each process. The quality of tools can tell you more about their ability to acquire real-time, relevant data as well as streamline specific tasks
  • Price can be another indicator of quality. You’re looking for an agency that is somewhere in the middle, not too expensive, not too cheap

Give yourself some time to recruit the right agency. There’s simply too much on the line to make a wrong decision, so it’s much better to go with a firm that can provide quality service tailor-made for your SaaS business.


SEO was, and still is, the best way to build a brand. By hiring a reputable SEO agency for SaaS brands, you can improve your site’s performance, find lucrative keywords to optimize, and create hard-hitting content. Even if you’re not keen on SEO, you need to remember that this marketing tactic works well in conjunction with other promotional methods, amplifying their impact.

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