Let yourself be treated with the highest luxury and the best time in the world by using VERTU’s IRONFLIP Flip Smartphone in Basalt Black Alligator Skin! Pre-order today to be among the first lucky hand holders of this device aesthetically pleasing next big thing in technology.

A Display of Excellence

IRONFLIP Flip Smartphone premiere the ingenious dual-screen interface with the appearance and function among others as its main design focus. As you open the device, the screen treatment connects with the eye-catching 6. 7′ flexible OLED main screen with 2790X1188 resolution, 1200nit peak brightness, and a 120Hz intelligent refresh rate. The cover screen is 1. 43ZYI’OLED display rounded with 466X466 resolution and 326PPI pixel density which is great for quick notifications and controls.

Sleek and Sophisticated

The IRONFLIP Flip smartphone’s slender and lightweight frame will have you super excited to carry it for its engaging functionality. Maintaining the standard size, the device measures 7 inches upon unfolding. 58. 29X and this measurement affords 23.30x when unfolded, it is 87. 675. 517; with 8 mm size and only 1/4 lbs weight. The Basalt Black Alligator Skin wrapping will give luxury and make you distinct by hair.You will be the only lucky one with no other gadgets like that because this piece is special.

Capture Life’s Moments

IRONFLIP Flip phone is coming with an amazing camera system that can be compared to none other. The primary camera and the wide-angle lens at the rear are 50MP and 2MP respectively while the front camera for taking selfies is 16MP. Creating a life time but picture perfect memory has become easy and like never before with focus options, scene modes, and more advanced options.

Power and Performance

The processor of the device is Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, a 5G processor built using 4nm it ensures faster speed and improved battery duration. Equipped with 12G RAM and 512GB onboard storage, plus 10T is soft for you to have all your favorite apps, photos, and videos. The A5 independent security chip will guarantee that, you, the user, are safe all the time.

Meta Description: “Enjoy the topmost luxury in your mobile world and pre-order VERTU’s flip phone in Basalt Black Alligator skin. Explore a new world of exclusively mobile smart technology with innovating features and fashion forward design.”

Short FAQ:

Q: What dimensions and resolutions does the screen of the jumping machine have?

A: 6. 7″, 2790*1188 resolution, C-Flexible OLED.

Q: Please tell us the size of screen & resolution of the cover.

A: 1. 43-inch curved screen with OLED, 466 x 466 pixels.

Q: How many MB or GB does it have?

A: 12G RAM + 512GBt onboard storage + 10T distributed disk.

Q: What is the capacity of them, and how fast they charge?

A: 4310 mAh, 65W quick charging.

Q: What kind of cameras are used? like a digital camera with 10 megapixels, a mobile phone with a 16 megapixel camera, and a digital camera with 4 megapixels.

A: Rear: 50MP+ 2MP Wide angle. Front: 16MP.

Q: What is the processor and Security processor control?

A: Dimensity 9000+, 4nm 5G chip, A5 BSIR-level security chip.

Q: What kind of the network access does office offer?

A: Global banded Series water resistant phone, along with the side fingerprint, and there are two speakers of 1w, digital to analog Hi-Fi, and 5.0 Bluetooth. 3, USB 3. 2, GPS, NFC.

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