Fun, potent bites of delight with Urb gummies Delta 9

Urb gummies Delta 9

Urb is a well-known brand in the cannabis space with tons of quality products on offer. Choose from a wide range of hemp products from Urb, from gummies to vapes. With each product tested for the finest quality, Urb has been a real major force in shaping the hemp industry. For those fancying a strong rush of euphoria but having a distaste for smoke, maybe Urb gummies Delta 9 are going to be a better overall choice for your preferences. 

But from the sea of choices, which ones are the actual gems; products that you definitely can’t be missing out on? We discuss the bestsellers here.

What are Delta 9 gummies?

We all heard about Delta 8 gummies. But who is this new kid on the block? Delta 9 is the stronger, more potent brother of Delta 8 and offers double the high when consumed. And just like Delta 8 gummies come with infused Delta 8 extracts/concentrates, delta 9 gummies just substitute this major cannabinoid for Delta 9 extracts/concentrates.

Are these even legal?

According to US federal law, it is. As long as the delta 9 is extracted from a hemp plant with less than 0.3 percent THC. But how do you make sure that the Delta 9 gummies you are buying are legal? Well, to stay on the safer side of the law, it is always encouraged to buy such products only from the most reputable hemp brands in the US. This way, not only do you ensure to buy legal products, but also quality ones too. Please note that states are free to come up with their laws regarding hemp products. Be sure to check local regulations before buying.

Top delta 9 gummies from Urb

Delta 9 gummies are available for sale at Dr Ganja Store and Urb gummies Delta 9 offers a diverse range of flavour and potency options to choose from. Featuring some of the most delicious blends with an awesome high, here are our top picks for Urb gummies Delta 9.

Urb delta 9 gummies: Dragonfruit Paradise

Experience the exotic taste of a dragon fruit with every bite of this delicious gummy, infusing each gummy with around 10 mg of delta 9. These are some of the most potent products on offer. The pack contains 35 gummies in total. The flavour profile is described as having a very fruity tone that leaves behind a sweet, vanilla aftertaste. The effects should be kicking in about an hour or so after consumption.

Urb delta 8 and 9 gummies: Knockout Punch

If you are a big fan of the entourage effects, well my friend, this is the product for you as this comes blended with a potent mix of 90 mg Delta 8 and 10 mg Delta 9 per gummy. This is one potent product to try. Effects can take up to 4 hours before manifesting so start slow.

The product comes in a pack of 35 pieces and is flavoured with a citrusy, strawberry taste to make every bite delicious. Plus, this also cuts down on the harsh taste of the cannabinoids. 

Urb gummies delta 9: Peach Mango Watermelon

Another tasty and potent product is the peach mango watermelon version of the Urb gummies delta 9. Offering a very relaxing effect with each bite, expect to find around 10 mg of delta 9 with each piece of this scrumptious gummy. These are made with all vegan ingredients and pure distillate to ensure you are getting the very best experience every time. Bite into the lush taste of mangoes, peaches, and watermelon with this wonderfully balanced product from Urb.

Urb delta 8 and 9 gummies: Lavish Fresa

Fan of the extra potency? Well, do we have the right product for you? The Lavish Fresa version of this Urb product comes blended with 90 mg of delta 8 and 10 mg of delta 9 per serving which ranks it among the most potent products from Urb. Each bite of this wonderful gummy comes packed with a bursting flavour of mangoes and strawberries that give way to a very wonderfully relaxing effect after consumption.

Urb delta 8 and 9 gummies: Voodoo Sunrise

Find magic in this pack of 35 gummies from Urb. With a blend of delta 8 and 9 to give off the ultimate entourage effect, these extra potent gummies come filled with a tropical flavour much reminiscent of citrus and bananas that give way to a very fruity aftertaste. The effects of this gummy are quite relaxing and many users swear by the potency of this product. This is a full spectrum product from Urb.

Precautions when consuming Urb gummies delta 9

Being some of the most potent products on the market from Urb, these gummies are not for inexperienced users. And, even if you are one of those experienced users, you need to exercise caution when consuming these gummies. Here is what to watch out for

Activation time

Being edibles, these gummies can take some time to show their true effects. It can take anywhere between an hour to two for the effects to manifest. Also, the effects can linger up to almost 4 hours. So, be careful when consuming.

High potency

Since the potency is quite high, excessive consumption can cause users to green out. We suggest starting with a low dose like half a gummy to gauge the effects before consuming more.

Do not mix with other substances

These products are super potent on their own and it is not advised that you mix these with other substances like alcohol or prescription drugs. Since the reactions are not well-evaluated, stay on the safer side by not mixing these gummies with any other intoxicant. 

Super powerful and tasty are the two words to effectively sum up Urb gummies delta 9. Featuring pure blends of cannabinoids and wonderful flavour choices, it is no wonder why these gummies from Urb have exploded in popularity among users. Choose from the very best Urb has to offer with the perfect Delta 9 gummies. Have a fun time exploring the sea of options and find the best one for you.

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