Finding the Perfect Fit: A Guide to Standard Garage Door Size

Everyone wants to have an attractive garage door for his home. A beautiful garage door increases the appeal of the house. If you choose the right size of garage door with the correct design, it will enhance the presentation of your house.

But before we decide on the garage door design, it is time to know which size of the door is ideal for your home. 

People ask their friends or family members to tell them about what size door will suit their garage door. 

The size of a garage door is called a rough opening. Whenever you have to buy a garage door, you must ensure what is the rough opening of the door. Measuring the right size is essential, and more important is selecting what size of the garage door will serve your home the best.

This guide will tell you how to find the perfect fit for your home’s garage door.

Method To Measure Garage Door

In case you are going to replace the existing door or you are in the initial phase of determining what the rough opening for the garage door must be, it is time for you to measure the standard garage door size. A standard garage door is mostly 7×8, and people often use the standard 8×8 garage door. When you have the standard garage door in mind, then you will ensure that if you know that size or may want a customized size that can fulfill your needs.

The picture above is for your reference so that things become easy for you.

So, take a measuring tape and start measuring the dimensions. You can use a ladder to measure the vertical heights.

  1. First, measure the width and height of the “rough opening”. A rough opening is the place where there will be an actual garage door.
  2. You can see that there is space between the rough opening and the side walls; the space in between is mentioned as the side room. It is time to measure that side room now. Mostly, the garage doors need a space equal to or more than 3 ¾ inches. The space on the sides is used to install any hardware or the springs of the door.  You will need more space in some special garage doors.
  3. Measure the headroom, which is the space between the top side of the rough opening and the vertical height of the garage. You need to have a standard 12-inch head space of approximately 3 inches for further clearance.
  4. At the end, you need to measure the depth of the garage, which is often called the backroom. The backroom is the space between the rough opening and the space between the back wall. The backroom must be the height of the door plus 18 inches.

Size of A Standard Garage Door (Single Garage Door).

A standard garage door size is roughly the size that is good for a tractor, a standard garage door is often called a single garage door. Some communities follow standard 8×8 garage door sizes. However, some places determine 7×8 garage doors as the standard garage door size for a single garage.

Benefits of A Single Garage Door.

A single garage door serves a single home where the homes are built in a certain community that follows fixed criteria for the garages. Such garages ensure that a single vehicle is safely parked inside the garage. A single garage door has the benefit that you can find a number of patterns and designs in it. The prices are highly comparable because garage doors are found in abundance in the market.

The only downside is that if there is some other vehicle, you might think harder about where to park your vehicle.

Double Garage Door.

A double garage door has more width than the standard door; it is mostly 16×8 in size for a double garage door.

Oftentimes, there is a single column that holds the double-door garage from the middle. 

Benefits of A Double Garage Door.

A double garage door serves larger vehicles; it can store any recreational vehicle along with the essentials required for those vehicles.

The only downside is that the double garage door will certainly be higher in price, and there won’t be many options for you to bargain the prices.

Customized Garage Doors.

Sometimes, in more independent remote homes, you have all the liberty to follow your own needs in determining the size of your garage door, and this is where the customization of the garage door comes into play.

Most of the custom garage doors have a height of more than 10 feet, so they can accommodate any tall-roof vehicle.

Benefits of Customized Garage Door.

It has the liberty to determine whatever size you want for your garage doors; it is good to have customized doors to park any tall or gigantic vehicles as well. 

The downside is that there are not many options if you need the door on an urgent basis; you have to order your door, and it will take time to build up.


Whatever the demands of your home, it is time for you to carefully calculate the size of your garage and buy the garage door if it is a standard 7×8 garage door or an 8×8 garage door. A garage door beautifies your house. If you cannot decide for yourself and you are low on measuring things, it is time to get expert help in measuring the rough opening for you. Get expert tips for selecting the standard door for the rough opening in your house.

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