From Sitting to Standing: Discover the Power of MotionGrey Sit Stand Desk for Employees Well-being

Standing all day is not ideal for your body’s health. MotionGrey welcomes you to the world of Sit Stand Desk which helps you to alternate between your sitting and standing far serenity of your body. Otherwise, sitting or standing all day may cause several feet, leg, knee, hip, and back problems.

Mostly Canadian organizations are increasingly using Sit Stand Desks in their workplaces to offer a range of benefits for their employees. Sit-stand desks help to provide a productive, peaceful, active, and stress-free environment for organizational success. In this article, we will learn the proper way of using sit-stand desks to get more benefits.

Table of Contents:

  1. Is a Sit-Stand Desk useless in your workplace?
  2. In what ways are Stand Desks beneficial for your employees?
  3. What Specifications are offered by MotionGrey Sit Stand Desk?
  4. A Proper way to set up a Sit-Stand Desk in your workplace
  5. Get a chance to restyle your workplace with Sit Stand Desk
  6. Care and Maintenance Tips to ensure Long-term usage of desk
  7. Conclusion

Is Sit Stand Desk useless in your workplace?

Do you think that a sit-stand desk is just a waste of money? Listening, a traditional and fixed height standing task may cause several health concerns, including heart issues, joint and knee pain, and back pain.

The modern sit-stand desk helps employees switch their positions between sitting and standing to avoid sitting and standing diseases. According to a survey, employees are 60% more productive and comfortable while working at a sitting-stand desk.

In what ways are Stand Desks beneficial for your employees?

Sit Stand Desk offers countless benefits for their employees. The benefits include:

Reduced sedentary behaviors: Sit Stand desk helps to remove anxiety, depression, and inactivity. It will incorporate a new level of excitement in you while working.

Improved posture: Sit Stand desk improves your posture by preventing lower back pains. It adds a white-collar touch to your overall physical appearance.

Improved focus and productivity: Sit Stand Desk promotes a stress-free environment, enhances your airflow and blood circulation, and comes with a hand to improve focus and efficiency.

Potential for Weight Management: MotionGrey offers sit-stand desks with a higher weight management potential of about 120kg (about 264.55 Lb).

Reduce the risk of health issues: Sit Stand Desk helps to prevent several health problems like high calorie gain and diabetes.

What Specifications are offered by MotionGrey Sit Stand Desk?

The innovative and modern specifications and features offered by MotionGrey sit-stand desks are the following:

Environment-friendly material: The desk surface is made of hand-made high-quality wood. The material is eco-friendly.

Height Adjustment: MotionGrey Sit Stand Desk has a fast height-adjustable mechanism. It allows an easy transition between sitting and standing positions by raising or lowering your desk seamlessly.

Spacious Surface: Sit-Stand desk provides enough space for keyboards, monitors, and ergonomic accessories. It helps to create an organized work environment.

4 Preset memory keypads: These sit-stand desks help to memorize your previous four sitting and standing height positions with easy adjustment features in the future.

A Proper way to set up a Sit-Stand Desk in your workplace:

Tips to set up a sit-stand desk in your workplace are the most important steps in an ideal workplace. Let’s discuss these tips:

  • Relax your shoulder and neck muscles while working at a sit-stand desk to avoid strain.
  • Use an anti-fatigue mat and footrest to relax your feet.
  • Use a curve in your legs to reduce leg muscle cramps.
  • Adjust your monitor, keyboard, and mouse in your reach for access.
  • Read all the manual instructions about adjustment features to get more benefits from the sit-stand desk.

Get a chance to restyle your workplace with Sit Stand Desk:

Sit Stand Desk helps to incorporate movements and strategies in your workplace. Sit Stand desk is not only beneficial for your employees, but it also helps to lead your organization on the way to success with team collaboration, productivity, and activeness while working.

If you want to add an ergonomic touch to your workplace, incorporate some ergonomic accessories including a standing mat, potted plant, and adjustable monitor arms to enhance its serenity and efficiency. If you are interested in purchasing sit-stand desks for your ergonomic workplace, just visit, and buy them right now!

Care and Maintenance Tips to ensure long-term usage of desk:

To ensure long-term usage and to maintain its surface, you just need to follow the below care and maintenance tips.

  • Of course, a sit-stand desk is easy to clean and adjust. But to maintain its shiny surface, try to clean it regularly with a dry and damp cloth.
  • Keep your desk away from direct sunlight to avoid premature damage.
  • Keep an eye on damaged parts of your desk and repair them immediately.
  • Lubricate the modern parts of your task with silicon oil to maintain it to ensure its use in years to come.


Investing in Sit Stand Desk doesn’t mean that you are just investing in some furniture. Rather, it means you are investing in your well-being and productivity. Sit-stand desks are commonly used in Canadian organizations to ensure your employee’s job satisfaction.

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