Hair Growth Brands Put To the Test in 2024

Hair Growth

It can be hard to tell what claims you can trust while shopping for hair supplements and growth serums. Terminology can be confusing to people without medical or scientific training, so when you can test the effectiveness of a hair growth brand’s products, it really stands out. So how do you test the claims if you are not a scientist? By looking to the experts who can do it to figure out your best hair supplement.

Dermatologist Formulated Untangled Hair Supplement

This product stands out for a few reasons, and the biggest one is that it was developed with dermatologists, allowing medical professionals to weigh in on the theory behind the active ingredients and to make sure the brand’s approach to hair growth was as thorough as it was scientifically consistent.

Untangled Hair Supplement works by providing your body with the building blocks it needs to restore balance to your scalp and produce healthy hair. It brings together important B vitamins with antioxidants that help repair cell damage caused by environmental hazards, minerals, and proteins while also including herbs that are shown to inhibit some of the hormones that can cause hair thinning and loss.

Nutrafol vs. Wellbel

The other two big players in the hair supplement scene that have clinical results and scientifically backed formulations are Nutrafol and Wellbel. Both have similar formulations to each other and to Untangled Hair Supplement in some ways, but each of the three also has its own unique properties.

For example, Nutrafol has a variety of options to suit different genders and age groups and emphasizes a formula that addresses stress-based hair loss most heavily. Wellbel has a formula for men and one for women but does not have as many micro-targeted options as Nutrafol. It also encourages healthy skin, nails, and hair together, whereas Nutrafol and Untangled Hair Supplement focus on hair growth. Both brands estimate three to six months to see results for most people, and both have clinical results showing they address major causes of hair thinning like stress and nutrition.

Choosing Your Hair Supplement

Untangled Hair Supplement is often the choice for those stuck on the issue of Nutrafol vs Wellbel because it combines marine collagen with a wide range of vitamins and minerals found in one or the other to more completely cover the range of nutrients your body needs to create healthy hair. It also has two ingredients that both of the other major supplements lack, iron and pantothenic acid. Both of them play a role in skin and hair health as well as several other important bodily functions like your basic metabolism.

Whatever you ultimately choose, remember that hair supplements are essentially targeted multivitamins. If you are taking other vitamin supplements or medication that could be affected by vitamin supplements, you will want to talk to your doctor about your decision. Luckily, hair supplements are generally compatible with topical skin and hair care products like azelaic acid rosacea treatments. Check out reviews and customer testimonials today to find your best fit for a hair supplement.

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