How Can You Maximize Your Brand’s Visibility with Eye-Catching Rubber Badges?

Rubber badges

With competition in the business world becoming stiffer every day, all kinds of companies have to think outside the box to come up with innovative ways to promote their brands. Fortunately, eye-catching rubber badges offer companies a cost-effective way to increase their brand’s visibility. The beauty of these branded items is that they can help you to significantly increase your brand’s visibility without breaking the bank.

Below are some tips on how you can leverage rubber badges to increase your brand’s visibility and create a lasting impression among all your potential and existing customers:

Incorporate vibrant colours and intricate designs

Rubber badges have one great benefit as promotional tools in that they allow you to create them in intricate designs and vibrant colours. These branded items are better than printed stickers and embroidered patches because you can capture finer details with them while still maintaining their colour, even as time passes.

To make your badges stand out, the secret is to use bold colours with sharp contrasts.  In addition, ensure you include your brand or company logo to make sure anyone who sees the badges recognises your brand instantly.

Use custom shapes and sizes

If you want your rubber badges to stand out and help create more visibility for your brand, ensure you customise them. The best thing is that you can design them in any shape and size that matches well with your brand identity.

When thinking about the best custom design to use for your rubber badges, consider using custom shapes such as mascots, product outlines and other unique ones. This way, your badges can be more engaging. And, when deciding on the size, consider the placement and usage of the badges. For example, big badges go well with jackets and bags, while smaller badges are perfect for lanyards or hats.

Attach rubber badges to promotional items

You can increase the effectiveness of your rubber badges by attaching them to promo merchandise like wristbands, lanyards and keychains.  Because people use promotional items daily, your brand will be kept at the forefront of the minds of your target audience. In addition, the promo items can be bought as giveaways at various events such as trade shows, open days and others. They can also be a crucial part of marketing campaigns and they will help to create better visibility for your brand.

Distribute your rubber badges in your sponsored events

When thinking about how to distribute your rubber badges and create better visibility for your brand, you can consider distributing them at community and local events that your company may be sponsoring.  These events include sports events, music festivals, charity walks or runs, and others, and they allow you to reach a wide or diverse audience. The good thing is that attendees and participants in these events will appreciate small gifts and rubber badges are not just the perfect freebies to use in such functions, but can also serve as durable reminders of your company or brand.

Maintain consistency in your branding

For effectiveness in using rubber badges, ensure your branding is consistent. This means the badges should consistently reflect your brand’s colour, logo, fonts and overall design.  When you’re consistent, you build a robust and easy-to-recognize brand identity. Also, make sure that you get high-quality badges by working with the best manufacturers.


You can count on rubber badges to enhance your brand’s visibility. To achieve effectiveness in improving brand visibility ensure your badges have vibrant colours and intricate designs, and you customise their shape and size. Also, consider attaching them to promo items, and giving them out in your sponsored events and maintain branding consistency.

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