How to Banish Dullness and Embrace Radiant Hair

recovering its luster

Shine is one hair-related characteristic that is deserving of an advertisement or Instagram boomerang. Gorgeous, light-reflecting hair that would make a mirror envy. However, sometimes, your hair just doesn’t cooperate and seems lifeless and boring. We hear you wonder how you can regain this crucial shine.

Consider glossy surfaces. They all have one thing in common: they are perfectly smooth, allowing light to reflect off of them with ease. The same holds for your hair: dry or damaged hair with a rough cuticle is most likely deficient in shine.

Dark hair reflects light more readily than fair colors; thus, having dark hair gives you an edge. The contrast between the brilliant light and the dark shadow causes it. When paired with an intense regimen, your dark hair will appear more radiant and healthier than ever. Keeping all of this in mind, read on for the hair products, techniques, and advice you need to restore your shine. 

Focus on Nutrition

The food that’s on your plate is frequently the first step towards opening gleaming locks. An appropriately balanced diet is essential to maintaining shiny, healthy hair. Important elements that are rich in nuts and fish, such as omega-3 fatty acids, support the general health of your hair. These nutrients provide a glossy look in addition to strengthening the hair shaft. By adding foods this healthy to your diet, you’re building a solid foundation for naturally bright and glossy hair. It’s an easy yet effective method to feed your hair from the inside out, giving it health and recovering its luster

Eliminate Any Built-up Products 

First things first. You should be aware that too much product build-up residue is a major cause of dulling the surface of your hair, so maintaining high shine levels requires giving your hair a good, deep clean. Use shampoo occasionally to thoroughly cleanse your hair of buildup, including that from styling products and pollutants. It is mild enough for hair to avoid stripping off natural oils. Additionally, choose a solution to balance out the thinness of your hair or Defrizz & Illuminate to enhance the thickness of your hair when you don’t need a deep clean.

Hydration is Essential

After washing your hair, always do the conditioning stage. Moisture fills in any gaps in the hair structure for a smoother surface and greater shine, so even the finest hair types require it—not just dry or thick hair. As a general rule, coarser or dry hair prefers richer hydration in regular conditioners and masks, whereas finer hair needs a lighter conditioner. Conditioner is a great option for fine hair types since it is paraben-free, prevents thinning hair, and brightens your color to eliminate dullness. To make sure there is no residue left on your hair, always rinse your hair well and gently.  

Smart Style

It’s critical to style your hair in a way that won’t unduly harm your hair if you want shiny, healthy hair. Smart hairstyles come from conscious brushing techniques. Always use a natural bristle brush, be gentle, and avoid brushing damp hair since it is the weakest. Bring out the natural texture of curly, wavy, or straight hair without hurting it by using a boar bristle brush or any other hair brush with natural bristles.

While giving up your heat styling products entirely is not expected of you, consider reducing the heat when you can.  


In other words, achieving glossy hair need not be as hard as you may have imagined. Getting shiny hair is much simpler than you may have imagined—all you need to do is make sure your hair strands are hydrated, your cuticles are closed and aligned, and your hair is always shielded from harm. If you include these simple and quick adjustments into your regular hair care regimen, your hair will shine like a diamond in no time.

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