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If you have come across this article you are probably thinking of launching a mobile application, an ambitious project that needs to be followed from start to finish to be realized.

At we are experts in launching mobile apps for iOS and Android, we master hybrid development which brings advantages both in economic terms and in production time.

Here’s what it consists of.

What is a Mobile App

The App sector is constantly growing. In fact, every day millions of people open an application to carry out various functions booking a restaurant, going to the gym, chatting… But essentially what is a mobile app It is a type of software application designed to run on mobile devices and which allows the user to perform various services.

There are three types of mobile apps


is downloaded for free or for a fee onto your smartphone. The developer writes in the specific language of the platform (iOS or Android) on which it will be downloaded, which is why it has a higher cost and offers maximum performance both online and offline.


this is the app version of a website (e.g. Facebook). It has lower costs than other apps and is multiplatform.


combines the characteristics of a native App and a web App. They are popular on stores like native Apps and are fast and less expensive like a web App.

Trend of the mobile app market

Covid has literally turned our lives upside down and has certainly led people to rely more on their mobile phones to carry out various daily actions playing games, ordering dinner, booking a taxi, downloading music…

We are increasingly linked to the world of Apps, we cannot do without them, so much so that the analysis company App Annie has estimated that in 2021 the economy that revolves around Apps could become the third largest in the world with 6,350 billion dollars and a growth of 385% compared to 2016.

App store and Google Play remain the two undisputed giants, with consumer spending amounting to 72.3 billion dollars for the former and 38.6 billion for the latter.

From these data it is clear that the Mobile App market is absolutely growing, a dynamic market that attracts more and more funds and which promises to be full of opportunities for the coming years.

Why rely on a development team

Developing a Mobile App requires time, preparation and a specialized team. This is because, in order to become a successful project, such a project requires different professionals who can interact and work closely together.

At Edana we master hybrid development, a technology that gives us multiple advantages.

  1. Cheap
  2. Shorter production times
  3. Engagement through cross-platform distribution.

Edana Adv’s workflow in mobile app development

For many years we have specialized in the development of Mobile Apps, tackling any type of challenge. Our work flow has always proved to be successful in economic terms and in terms of implementation times.

This is how we work.

  1. Analysis

UX Analysis contains a set of techniques, tools and methods useful for better understanding the idea of ​​the product you want to build, taking into consideration the needs and requirements of the users who will use it.

Feasibility analysis the technological part. It consists of analyzing what the sections and features will be to evaluate the times, costs and implementation strategies. The Low-fidelity prototype. This testing phase allows us to observe a first simplified version of the product, allowing its analysis before actual development.

  1. Production

Style and visuals. In this phase the image of the project is defined, creating its graphic characteristics.

UI – Prototype High. In this phase we move on to the creation of the detailed prototype which will be as faithful as possible to what the final product will be.

Internal panel test. The complete prototype will be tested on real users who will provide useful feedback both for the implementation and for potential investors of the project.

MPV – Development of the very first version of the project, in order to analyze and test the real product and understand whether the path followed so far allows the objectives to be achieved efficiently.

Test – User testing and stress testing to understand any gaps or issues that should be corrected before publication.

Release on the store, preparation and publication.

  1. Promotion

Social media marketing and paid advertising to make users aware of, download and use the Application. It is essential to define a unique communication in order to stimulate interest and increase downloads of the App!

  1. Maintenance

Once launched, the project will need maintenance to make corrections where necessary. There are essentially three types of maintenance:

  • ordinary relating to updating the app,
  • extraordinary to improve the application,
  • registry to keep up with the times.
  1. Success

It’s time for Fundraising. After the development of the mobile App and after having increased brand awareness, investments will be sought to increase the number of users and scale the project. All this resulted in the improvement of the following skills:

  • Coordination of bureaucratic and administrative operations;
  • Evaluation of the suitability of participants for the competitions;
  • Identification and monitoring of tenders;
  • Analysis of estimates and stipulation of contracts;
  • Monitoring and screening of business facilitation measures.

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