Online ACLS: Benefits and renewal options

Online ACLS certification is more effective as compared to traditional classroom instruction. Now, students cannot only save resources but also gain a deeper understanding because they set their own pace. Online virtual courses are created by instructors who are trained professionals with relevant medical experience. 

In addition to being effective, ACLS classes online are much more convenient for students. Discover why virtual education has increased in popularity and will continue to do so. 

What are the benefits of online ACLS training?

Virtual training is the preferred method of teaching. One major benefit of online ACLS certification is its convenience. Traditional classroom courses are time-consuming as students must pay to travel physically in addition to paying for their time spent in the class. 

  1. Learn as per your schedule: Online structured courses help students work on their own schedule. This enables students to work on their schedule without worrying about anything else. 
  2. Available 24/7: Most online ACLS certification courses are available round the clock. Traditional instruction needs students to be in class at specific times. This causes them to make specific arrangements if they need to miss the class.
  3. Study at your own pace: Online courses allow students to study at their own pace. They can also spend time in the sections that need the most training. Traditional training addresses the needs of the group being trained. Online courses cover all topics in accordance with the new ILCOR guidelines for ACLS certification. Several classes can correspond with the latest literature and findings on CPR. 
  4. Learn relevant materials: Students can spend their time in learning areas that are relevant to them. Internet-based instruction helps students go at a pace that is comfortable for them. This is a major benefit over traditional methods of instruction. 
  5. Medical providers are getting busy: The increasing number of healthcare providers who work in hospitals means that there are fewer opportunities for them to teach CPR. Some studies show that healthcare providers often do not feel confident teaching cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills or automated external defibrillators. This is true even while teaching ACLS. With medical providers being busy, they might not have the time to attend regular classes. They are therefore turning to online courses. The virtual instructional platforms are helpful for healthcare providers who want to stay updated with lifesaving techniques. 
  6. Increased accessibility: Another crucial factor driving the increase in ACLS certification online is the accessibility of the courses. With the advancement of technology, you can access the internet from anywhere. This has enabled more people to get an online education. Additionally, companies also offer free online courses as part of their benefit programs. This allows employees to earn medical education credits and keep their jobs. The availability of the online courses makes it easy for everyone to learn about ACLS.
  7. More affordable: This is another benefit of virtual classes. They are much cheaper than traditional classroom courses. One study found that online ACLS courses are less expensive as compared to classroom-based courses. The prices, however, varied depending on the course you selected. While some online materials are free, others require a fee. It is crucial to compare the prices, as many have costs built into the program after the initial purchase. 
  8. Free trials: If you want to take online classes but are not sure if they will be worthwhile or not, then you can enroll online. Trial classes enable you to try out the program without needing to commit yourself to paying anything. You will pay only after continuing with the program after your trial. Online courses are very popular and are accessible and affordable. They can help you learn efficiently and quickly.  

How many times can you take the ACLS online exam?

While some providers let you take unlimited retakes to pass the ACLS online exam, others offer limited retakes. You can choose any one. 

Is ACLS good for two years?

The advanced cardiovascular life support recertification process helps healthcare providers renew their ACLS certificate. It is valid for two years. After this, healthcare professionals must undergo recertification to maintain their certificates. 

What are the renewal options for expired ACLS certification?

If your certification expires, there are recertification options available, such as the following: 

  • Renewal course: The course covers the same topics that the preliminary courses do, and then it just spends less time majoring in that material compared to those courses. You can improve your skills through the renewal training online.
  • Retake the certification course: If the initial certification takes longer to complete, retake the complete ACLS certification course. It might be the last option for you if the certifying body does not offer a renewal course or if you want to deepen your confidence in the area of ACLS.
  • Take a refresher course: The refresher course is ideal for persons who possess current certification but are still in need of a reminder of the material. This way of presenting may be useful if you had your last ACLS skills used a while ago, which may be the reason why you want to brush up and make sure you keep up to date with the changes.


Thus, online ACLS courses are rising in popularity due to their ease and convenience. If you are looking to certify yourself with advanced life support skills, you must enroll in ACLS classes online. It is valid for two years, after which you need to certify to maintain your skills.,recertification%20to%20maintain%20their%20certificates.

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