Preserving the Beauty: Aran Sweater Care Instructions

Aran sweaters, cardigans and other garments are very special, comfortable to wear and they look fantastic too. Looking after your Aran products doesn’t need to be stressful, we are here to help you to get it right. Read on to find out more about how to wash, dry, store and care for your Aran sweater, and visit our online store to explore our unique range online.

Should I Wash My Aran Sweater?

Aran is a great choice for discerning customers who value quality and a meaningful connection with Irish heritage, but many people worry about how to care for their Aran garments. Here is our helpful guide to keeping your Aran sweater as good as new.

  • Air it. Wool is a natural, breathable fibre, and it usually doesn’t need washing as frequently as other fabrics. Most clothing needs washing after just a couple of wears, but woollen garments can be worn more before they are in need of a wash. Between wears, you can air your Aran sweater to prolong its life and keep it feeling fresh, and this is very easy to do. Simply hang your woollen sweater up after you’ve worn it, in the fresh air if you can, and it’ll feel as good as new for longer.
  • Hand wash it. Although it won’t need washing often, when it does, your sweater will need to be hand-washed. It sounds like a nuisance but it’s really not that hard. You really shouldn’t wash your Aran sweater in a washing machine, because it can damage the fibres and compromise the quality of the wool, so don’t be tempted to take a short cut here. There are a few simple steps to hand washing your woollen items, and you’ll soon be wondering what all the fuss was about. You will need a good quality wool detergent for hand-washing, and we recommend Woolie Cold Water Wash. First, run a bowl of clean, cool water – around 30 degrees Celsius is recommended. Add wool detergent and soak your woollen garment for about 30 minutes, and then gently squeeze the suds through the fabric. You should rinse your sweater in clear water to wash out the detergent, and you can do this by gently holding it under a mixer tap or by immersing it in a bowl of clean water two or three times. Be careful not to rub, twist or wring the wool. Squeeze water out gently, and then roll in a towel to remove excess water.
  • Remove stains. Washing your Aran sweater frequently is not recommended, and spot cleaning a stain is the best way to protect your wool. You should use lukewarm water to dampen the area, and use a mild detergent to rub the stained area before rinsing. You can repeat this process several times, ensuring that you do not use hot water or put too much pressure on the fibres.
  • Reshape it. Your woollen garments will not look the same if they lose their shape, so you should take care to reshape them when they are damp. Lay the garment on a towel if it is still very wet, and pull it carefully into the right shape.
  • Dry it. Drying wool garments flat is often the best way to ensure that they keep their shape, and you may wish to begin the drying process with the sweater spread out on a towel, to soak up the excess water. It’s important to avoid direct heat or sunlight, as these can damage the fibres of the wool, and you should never tumble dry your sweater.
  • Store it. It’s always best to store your sweater folded rather than hung, as this will help it to retain its proper shape. Here at Aran Sweater Market, we suggest keeping your sweater or garment in a cardboard box, muslin linen bag or wrapped in acid free tissue paper, to ensure that the fibres can breathe while the garment is in storage. You can also use a lavender bag or mothball to help scent the garment and prevent damage from moths while it is not being worn. Many people recommend the use of a lint shaver to cut off any small balls of wool that may collect on a particularly chunky sweater while it is being worn. This will keep your sweater in great condition and prevent any piling or damage to the wool.

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