Top 5 Reasons to Invest in 5G CCTV Camera Systems

Workplace safety is always a major concern for business owners. Hiring a security guard has its shortcomings. A human can’t stay alert round the clock which is something you will not experience in the case of a surveillance system. 

A surveillance camera isn’t just deployed to avoid security breach as in the case of banks or law enforcement agencies. CCTV cameras are also installed in offices or around public buildings to monitor workplace safety, or to keep a check on the performance of staff members. 

5 Reasons Why You Need a CCTV Camera System 

There are many video surveillance systems in the market but a Horizon Powered 5G high speed wireless cellular camera will make all the difference. A CCTV camera with high-data transmission rate and wider signal coverage enables remote monitoring and uninterrupted connectivity even in highly dense areas. 

  1. Identify potential threat

Manufacturing plants and factories are high-risk areas where video surveillance systems are mandatory. There is a need to monitor work processes and machinery. If there is a machinery break-down, the supervisor can review CCTV footage immediately and resolve the matter without wasting time. 

Similarly, if the work involves use of sharp objects and any personnel is injured, the medical team can approach the matter and prevent any major loss. This is quite common in construction and mining industries. Deploying surveillance cameras will strengthen workplace safety. 

  1. Protect employees and the premises

According to a survey, deployment of CCTV 5G cameras has significantly reduced cases of harassment at workplace. Any employee abuse or harassment can be recorded and that footage will also be available for viewing. Something that is not possible in the case of a guard. If the staff is reporting complaints of a particular team member but there is no evidence then it is hard to take action let alone lodge a complaint. 

With surveillance camera you can capture the incident and present it as evidence. Moreover, these cameras can document any suspicious activity such as a trespasser entering a building. This is especially beneficial around banks and financial institutions. 

  1. Ensures Compliance

Some companies hire staff in overseas countries. It can be difficult to monitor the daily activities and keep a close check when the boss is located in a foreign country. However, 5G network cameras have built-in features which can zoom in to an extent that minute details can also be viewed from a camera.

 Although some people argue that this sort of surveillance goes against the privacy of the employee but it can help to tackle those employees who are non-serious at work. Many a times having a camera in the office premises keeps everyone on their toes. People tend to slack less when they know they are being watched. 

  1. Aids in investigation

With the help of surveillance cameras you can gather vital information to investigate any accident or an incident of theft, for instance. In recent times, it has become an indispensable device for every organization. Given the rise in crime rate, shopping malls, banks and boutiques can review the footage to get to the facts. The recorded images can also help you take preventive actions so that the same incident doesn’t happen again. 

  1. Promote positive employee behavior

Workplace discipline is an issue that arises irrespective of industry. It is human nature to become sloppy when the manager or the head supervisor is out of sight. CCTV cameras act as a reminder for workers to behave appropriately. Even when the camera is only recording while no one is watching from the other side, workers will still be cautious. It is not humanely possible to keep an eye on the activities of each and every member. This is why deploying video surveillance cameras helps to maintain the decorum.

As technology is advancing we are seeing many new features in industrial network cameras that are going to reinforce safety and boost productivity. 

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