What if Your GPS Dog Tracker doesn’t Work in Rural Area? Check This Out

Imagine playing with your beloved dog in rural area, suddenly your dog runs far away and disappears, and your tracker loses its signal, how will you feel?

You will think that the GPS dog tracker holding in your hand seems worthless. When you need it the most, it disappoints you the most.

  1. Do we have poor signal in rural America and why?

Yes, the phone signal in some rural America is generally poor. A study published on the U.S. Census Bureau’s website states that there is an urban-rural digital divide in U.S. Internet service, and vast rural areas remain a gap in our Internet service.

This is mainly due to the market-oriented route adopted by telecom operators, which prioritizes the construction of base stations in densely populated and economically developed areas, rather than giving priority to sparsely populated and relatively economically backward rural areas.

Besides, insufficient long-term investment is also a major problem facing rural Internet construction in the United States. Due to limited government funding, it is unable to provide sufficient support for Internet construction in rural areas in some states.

In addition, the government has imposed restrictions on telecommunication policies that prohibit the use of foreign communication equipment in rural America, which exacerbates signaling problems in rural America.

  1. Can I use the GPS dog tracker without cell signal?

Yes, if you use a dog tracker that tracks with the help of Bluetooth or radio it can be done. they are designed to work independently of cellular service.

The working principle of Bluetooth tracker is mainly based on Bluetooth technology, which utilizes Bluetooth signals for communication and positioning instead of cellular networks. Representative brands: Apple AirTag, Samsung SmartTag, Cube, Tile…

However, it has a limitation´╝Źshort tracking distance, the theoretical coverage of Bluetooth is usually not more than 100 meters, and in real life, received the environmental impact, usually only ten or twenty meters. 

In addition, your phone will only be notified if your dog’s Apple wireless tag enters the coverage range of another Apple device.

Radio tracking technology is an advanced and useful technology. In simple terms, it utilizes radio signals to locate and track. Radio signals travel a long distance and cover a wide area. 

A radio GPS dog tracker usually consists of a receiver and a tracker. The GPS location information from the tracker is sent to the receiver via radio and the dog’s location information is displayed on the receiver’s screen.

GPS dog trackers using radio technology can really works well if your dog runs away while you are out hiking or in rural area.

  1. Choose a dog tracker with wireless technology

The best solution to prevent signal loss in rural area is to switch to another kind of GPS dog tracker. There are a few dog trackers on the market that are equipped with radio technology, For example: Aorkuler GPS dog tracker and Garmin GPS dog tracker. 

  • Aorkuler:

costs over $200 and has no subscription fees.

Applicable Dogs: Companion dogs

  • Garmin:

costs over $600 with no subscription fee.

Applicable Dogs: Hunting dogs

By finding information, I found they both have good signal performance in the countryside and Aorkuler is relatively cheap to buy. you can see more details and purchase one on their official websites or on eBay and Amazon for your pet’s protection in rural area.

  1. In the end

What if your GPS dog tracker doesn’t work in rural area? 

Stop the way of thinking that the cellular based GPS dog tracker make you feel cheated. Switch to a more country-friendly, dog tracker with radio technology directly to protect your furry baby!

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