Why Miami Disability Lawyers are Essential for Complex Cases?

Social Security disability benefits can help disability victims in Miami pay their everyday living expenses. For many applicants, qualifying for disability benefits also means qualifying for Medicare or Medicaid to cover medical and healthcare bills. Many disabling conditions are not listed among the impairments that the Social Security Administration (SSA) considers to automatically qualify for disability benefits. However, that doesn’t mean that 

you shouldn’t apply if your disability is severe. 

A Miami Disability Lawyer can help demonstrate that your symptoms are severe enough to limit your daily functioning to the extent that you are unable to hold down gainful employment for at least twelve months, and your symptoms aren’t responding to treatments. The SSA does not award benefits based on having a disabling condition, but, instead, will base an approval or denial on the extent to which an impairing condition causes functional limitations. 

Medical-vocational Allowance 

If you don’t meet the requirements of a Social Security impairment listing, but your limitations prevent you from returning to work, you may qualify for disability benefits through a medical-vocational allowance. 

The SSA will examine your Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) to determine if you can work. 

The RFC is the finding that defines what you can do in a work setting. It is how the SSA looks at your limits, both physical and mental, after taking into account the severity of your symptoms. 

Your RFC includes both your physical and mental limits. Regarding physical limits, the SSA defines your ability to sit, stand, walk, and lift during an eight-hour workday. Likewise, the SSA will include your ability to carry, pull, and push. The SSA will give you a rating of the type of work it thinks you can do (skilled work, semi-skilled work, unskilled work, or less than unskilled work). The SSA will review medical records, including statements from your medical sources. The SSA will also consider descriptions of your limitations from your family, neighbors, and friends. 

An Attorney Helps You Decide What Disability Benefits You May Be Eligible For

The SSA offers two distinct benefit programs. The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is a needs-based program that helps low-income individuals with limited resources. The Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is for people who have worked enough and have contributed to the social security system. 

A skilled disability attorney can assess your income, work history, medical conditions, and financial standing to determine which benefits you could be eligible for. 

Contact A Miami Social Security Disability Attorney

At Chermol And Fishman, our disability lawyers will answer all your queries concerning disability laws and walk you through the various processes involved in getting approval for disability benefits successfully. 

Our firm accepts cases at any point in the claim process.  Unfortunately, most disabled individuals and their families seek legal representation after facing a denial initially. 

If you or your loved one is unable to work because of a disability in Miami, call our firm to schedule a free case evaluation right away. 

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