What to Do After a Bicycle Accident Caused by a Dooring Incident in Edwardsville

Dooring Incident

It’s a beautiful sunny day in Edwardsville, and you’re merrily pedaling down the street on your bicycle. Suddenly, the parked car driver, unaware of your approach, swings open the car door to step out. You have no time to swerve or stop. In an instant, you collide with the open car door, catapulting over it and landing hard on the pavement. 

This jarring incident can happen to anyone. 30 accidents involving cyclists or pedestrians occurred between May 27, 2018, and April 10, 2023. Such accidents are never expected but can lead to horrifying injuries. This blog aims to guide you on how to handle a bicycle accident caused by a dooring incident in Edwardsville.

Understanding Dooring Incidents

A dooring incident happens when someone opens a car door into the path of an oncoming cyclist without first checking. The cyclist strikes the door, potentially causing severe injuries and leading to claims of wrongful death. Always check for cyclists before opening your car door, especially in bike-friendly Edwardsville.

What to Do After a Dooring Accident?

To achieve the optimal result after a bicycle accident, act fast and get legal counsel as soon as possible. Following are guidelines you should consider after encountering such an accident. 

  • Safety first: To avoid further injuries, relocate to a secure location away from the incident site. Do a self-check for injuries.
  • Call for assistance: Dial 911 immediately. Even if injuries appear minor, it’s important to consult a doctor after an accident. 
  • Record the scene: Snap pictures of the scene, your bike, the car door, and any injuries that are easily seen. These can be critical when determining liability.
  • Gather evidence: Obtain the driver’s information and witness statements. Try to get in touch with anyone you believe may have information.
  • Report the incident: Notify the local Edwardsville police department and your insurance company about the accident.

Legal Action and Compensation: A Deeper Look

Following your immediate safety and health concerns after a bicycle accident, the next critical step is to consider legal action. An Edwardsville personal injury lawyer can guide you in this journey. Here are a few steps they will recommend. 

Getting Through the Legal Process

The legal procedures after a personal injury can be complicated and overwhelming. It involves several actions, such as obtaining documentation, submitting a claim, corresponding with the insurance provider, and attending court. With the assistance of an experienced Edwardsville personal injury attorney, you can uphold your rights. This also ensures that no insurance company or other party takes advantage of you by navigating each of these stages. 

Filing a Personal Injury Claim

The first step in the legal process is filing the claim. According to TorHoerman Law, this claim will describe the circumstances surrounding the accident, the injuries sustained, and the compensation sought. You can obtain all the required documentation and submit the claim on time with the help of your attorney.

Seeking Fair Compensation

A personal injury claim seeks compensation for losses, like medical costs, missed income, property damage, and psychological distress. Your lawyer strives for fair compensation and frequently works on a contingency fee basis. This ensures that they are motivated to win your case with no upfront costs to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why are cyclists prone to dooring accidents? 

Cyclists frequently ride alongside parked cars to avoid traffic and road debris. Unfortunately, this position may put them in danger if a door swings open. Inattentive drivers may open their doors while still looking inside the vehicle, resulting in a recipe for disaster. 

2. How can you avoid dooring accidents? 

Drivers can help ensure cyclist safety by using the Dutch reach technique. This requires the driver to turn their body and check their blind spot before opening the door. Cyclists can also reduce their chances of crashing into a door by keeping a safe distance from parked cars.

3. What challenges do victims of a dooring accident face?

Dooring accident victims face complex legal challenges to prove liability, requiring evidence like witness statements and surveillance footage. Physically, victims can suffer severe injuries such as head trauma and spinal damage, leading to long-term disability. This is compounded by psychological impacts like trauma and anxiety, which may deter them from cycling again. 

4. What should I expect when working with a bicycle accident attorney? 

When working with a bicycle accident attorney, expect them to deal with every aspect of your case. This includes all due investigation, paperwork, dealing with the insurance company, and showing up in court if required.

Pedalling On

Bicycle accidents can be life-threatening. Dooring accidents, specifically, are always unexpected but often quite probable. If you fall victim to such an incident, you must have the courage to get through this difficult time. Remember, you can have help. 

Contact an Edwardsville personal injury attorney for a free consultation. Stay safe, and remember that your life and health are always in your best interests.

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